Thursday, January 8, 2015

State of Affairs

Watching, reading or hearing the news - local or international resembles that of a horror movie/ story. 

Lives are being lost, minute by minute; crime of all kind has escalated, yet talks of 'serious crime' on the decline are repeated to appease a nation's outcry/dissatisfaction. 

In other news, millions are spent on advertisements portraying, 'Your #Government Working For You' along with smiling faces of seemingly satisfied customers. Yet still, we have a high rate of unemployment, corruption on the rise (White or Blue Collar) and many unsolved murder cases, some undetected and missing persons...

But one thing remains constant, with a questionable economic state (fluctuating currency and low oil prices) and pending 'run-off', money is being spent (and borrowed) on a rampage. Whether it be strategic, transparent or a sign of good investing or not, is yet to be seen. 

What will the 'return' be in the following years to come? Can we predict it and are we prepared for it? 

It can't be business as usual...

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