Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Faces unknown

Changes with the movement of time, 

Changing positions - shifts

Twitching eyes, stares and glances...

Faces unknown.

Everyone is on an escalator - gliding through time...

Day in, day out...

Press the rewind button.

Fast forward to tomorrow...

Deja vu

and you're on repeat...

From Woodford Square to Frederick Street, there are people.

The day is long gone. Commuters and pedestrians make their way out of Port of Spain. 

Walking on the sidewalk - stores close for the day, though the street vendors stay awhile to ply their trade.

The pirates... [Their DVDs and CDs we buy] hang by the corner, playing the hottest tunes, while everyone and everything seem to pass by, unnoticed.

The place 'looks' dead and dismal.

Faces unknown flash by, drifting with the out-traffic. Feet shuffle.

How many are paying attention to what's happening around them?

There's a boy or man on the pavement - whatever is he?

He shakes. Never still, never speaks.
Big grin.

There's music in his head (assuming), but no one hears.

A woman shouts. Maybe his mother.
Grey hair, small in stature - she's there. 

Day by day, night after night - with batteries, cassettes and at times, cigarettes.
There's a story waiting to be told... This woman and her son - boy or man.

Further along, on to Independence Square; people all around.

Some sitting on the concrete benches by the circular...

Others on the Brian Lara Promenade - waiting for nightfall.

There's coconut water to quench your thirst,
'doubles': slight pepper for some,
burgers, fries and bar-be-que or Ital food, if you prefer. 

Rastaman knows his customers; for the regulars come for their choice of 
soya chunks, peas or bhagee, pie or rice - as soon as he arrives.

Yet, those without shelter prowl the streets and bins for their evening supper. 

Fortunate are few who are treated to a box of food and something to drink by a good samaritan...

The sun recedes behind the clouds; to the left, there's a hint of the moon.

The taxis are few. People wait: $4, $5 or $7 to get home.

KFC is full and the queue, long.

Blackbirds are plenty... Their piercing voices, loud.

Chineeman doh close... Chinese restaurant, bakery, grocery and pharmacy are open for business...
Sometimes 24hrs.

Business is booming. We are patriots.  

Tomorrow is another day.

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore
© 2011 Registered & Protected