Friday, October 1, 2010

In the name of God

People hold many views on the subject at hand and will continue to do so until the end of time.

From day to day, the name of God is used - in reverence, in contempt, in deceit, in mockery or astonishment... The famous, "OMG!" A line spelt out or said by enthused Americans and the like have trickled down through the cultural barriers to our local shores of the twin island, Trinidad and Tobago.

Nothing escapes us... We have our own twang and slogan (for whenever lightening strikes or the threat of hurricane/storm/earthquakes/tsunamis spare our fragile land) - "God is a Trini!!!" Hail La Trinity! Then back to business or a nearby rum shop to celebrate.

The recent spate of floods in Trinidad and Tobago is a severe warning of what is to come and a sure indication of unpreparedness! Port of Spain has been prone to high seas taking over, flooding drains due to clogging and floating cars... A lot of damage caused to the central and outer parts of our isles... Not to mention, the contraction of diseases, prone illnesses and fatalities... Our slurred remarks of God being Trini can't save us...

We tend to fall victim to these sayings, sometimes unconscious of our statements - "For Christsake man"! "Oh Gawd-o"! "Jeez"! "Jesus Christ!" I don't know when this became a part of our lingo, but it has. The name of God is abused many times; it is absurd! Do we understand that we are contaminating what is holy and righteous?

When we say, God or Father, we are acknowledging Him as our sovereign Lord and King - Abba Father! To swear to God is to bring ill to what is sacred. What is interesting about this is that you would not hear a Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist disrespect or bring dishonor to what is sacred and holy to them. They stand by their belief, their fate/religion.

However, the power of the word, "God" falls deafly on one's ear when used to highlight the profane... God himself must wonder, "What in God's name is going on!" Are they talking to me? Are they praying with a pure heart? Are they lifting up my name?

Do we ever take the time to hear ourselves? It comes so naturally as saying, "What de hell" or "Hell no"...

We get trapped easily by songs, lyrics, music - which gets into our sub-conscience (that's the way subliminal messages go), we don't know when we begin to repeat words and conduct, which are propagated in the music filtering through the airwaves... It is as lethal as the vents outside of a KFC building, compelling you to come inside; indulging your senses - you find it hard to resist.

When will we be conscious of what is happening around us... We are being led to a dead end and we can't see it, because we choose not to see... We are admonished to WATCH! Observe the times... but who is paying attention to things these days! It is easy to turn a blind eye. It is easy to ignore. Who wants to be held accountable? Who wants to be responsible?

The evidence of what is, lays visible to the trained and discerning eye! There are signs all around us. Everyday we see the manifestation of destruction and also the manifestation of salvation... Wars will be - they are inevitable - for time is short.

All that is in the now has been foretold and I reckon, if we begin to observe a little and take a 'time-out' like 'Kit-Kat' :) to understand and find out who is "GOD", our creator and Father - Life as we know it will change and it will be purposeful.

So when I say, "In the name of God" or "In the name of the Father" I am speaking a command that must be fulfilled. We communicate with the Father through prayer and we speak His word on earth - for the earth is the Lord's and the fullness therein. There is power in God's name!

We have heard it a dozen times over:

"Do not use the Lord's name in Vain!"

A statement that will forever be relevant.

Seek God. Seek His wisdom and understanding...


  1. Not only in Trinidad God name is mocked but through-out the whole world weather it is intentional or not. WE "TRINIS" over the years have became too complacent wit a confident lie that God is a Trini not knowing he is the God of all the other Islands and countries that suffered and are suffering from natural disasters and poverty etc. God hears his name when he is called upon and answers them which are his own. Nicely done Rachael..nice flow of words as well

  2. So I am not the only one who is painfully aware of this travesty/blasphemy of disrespect for the Creator perpetuated for the most part by the ignorant and unaware.

    I am deeply convinced spiritually that the popularity of the flippant "OMG" is by no means accidental but rather of demonic design.